Paul Brighton

WordPress Theme Developer

Welcome to my blog all about me and web development with a focus on WordPress theme development. Full of great tips and tricks to help you out in your WordPress projects.

Check out the latest sites I’ve built with WordPress in my portfolio or get in touch to use my services.


Work with Me

Do you need a website for your business or blog? Some of the possible options are shown below. Contact Me me to discuss your options.

WordPress Blog

A fully customised WordPress Blog, ready to go, just add your articles and images. The example below even has recipes.

View an Example Blog

WooCommerce Online Store

Have products to sell online but don't know where to start? A custom WordPress Store using WooCommerce is the answer.

View an Example Ecommerce Store

Restaurant Food Ordering

Need to take delivery orders at your takeaway or restaurant, a website with a simple ordering solution is what you need.

View an Example Food Ordering Website